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Lasers for Fluorescence

Lasers for Holography

Lasers for Optogenetics

Lasers for Particle Image Velocimetry

Lasers for Raman Spectroscopy

Mode-Locked Picosecond Lasers

Lasers for Eye Medical Applications

Even Energy Distribution Lasers

Fiber Lasers

Fiber Coupled Multi-wavelength Laser Systems

Narrow Linewidth <0.003nm & Ultra Low Noise (rms, 1Hz~20MHz <0.5%) DPSS Laser Systems   >1m Long Coherent Length LDLC- Series Diode Laser Systems

Lasermate Group, Inc. designs, manufactures, and distributes UV, blue, green, red, & infrared laser diodes, laser modules, laser products, and laser systems.  Laser diodes (or diode lasers) and diode pumped solid-state lasers are widely used in scientific, industrial and medical applications. Laser diode modules and systems are available from 375nm to 2200nm wavelength including UV, blue, green & infrared lasers. Diode pumped solid-state laser modules and systems are available from 261 nm to 3800 nm wavelength and contain UV, blue, green & infrared lasers.  Laser sights, laser pointers as well as fiber optic components & products are also available.

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Laser Diode Modules & Systems: 375nm - 2200nm 

UV, Blue, Green, Red & Infrared 

Diode Pumped Solid State Laser Systems: 261nm - 3800nm

Laser Diodes: 635nm - 1625nm  

        Single Longitudinal Mode Lasers: 360nm - 1342nm

Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes: 635nm - 1625nm  

Q-Switch Lasers: 266nm - 3800nm

High Power Fiber Coupled Diode Laser Systems

Fiber Coupled Multi-wavelength Laser Systems


Laser Accessories

Communication Lasers

Laser Safety Goggles

Fiber Optical Transceivers  

Photodiode Receivers

Fiber Optics: 10G ~ 100G Cables and Transceivers

Fiber Optic Test Tools

Fiber optic components include optical transmitters, optical receivers, and optical transceivers. Optical transmitters are the pigtailed & receptacle 1270 nm - 1625 nm communication laser diodes and 850 nm VCSEL diodes. Optical receivers include the pigtailed & receptacle GaAs PIN & InGaAs PIN photodiodes. The integrated optical transmitters and receivers are optical transceivers. The optical transceivers are available from 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet to 100G QSFP28 LR4 optical transceiverWe provide optical transceivers with not only the classical 1x9 footprint duplex package but also advanced packages including SFF, SFP, GBIC, BIDI, BIDI-SFP, and BIDI-GBIC transceivers. 

Fiber optic test tools, such as MPO fiber tester, are developed as a low cost and good solution for data communication and telecommunication.

Various optical components including Polarization Controller Modules designed as cassettes, Polarization Composition/Separation Coupler, Polarizer Module, Angle Tunable Type Wavelength Tunable Filter Module, Broadband Dielectric Multilayer Mirror, Variable Optical Attenuator Module, Polarization Extinction Ratio Testing Module, Time Delay Control Module for R&D are also available.

We also supply fiber coupled high power LED modules, fiber coupled high power lasers up to 50W, diffractive optics, diode driver circuit boards, CWDM Bi-directional Moduleslaser safety goggles, and laser & optics mounting components.  Please visit our Product List for more products information.

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Fiber Lasers: 1550nm and 1064nm Even Energy Distribution Lasers by Powell Lens
MPO Tester using the visible 650nm red laser for testing MPO fiber cable faults Polarization Controller Modules Designed as Cassettes
>3W 2096nm infrared lasers 2790nm infrared laser or Waterlase
Pre-aligned green laser module with <0.9cm off the center axial of the barrel of  laser module at 10m distance 577nm Yellow Lasers up to >1000mW for Eye Medical Applications

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